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New Kodi is released for the Android TV Box

Kodi 17.0 has now been released and it is the biggest update to Kodi in years. It is important to know that Kodi 17.0 can only run on android 5.0 and upwards. This is important as many android TV boxes were running on Android 4.4 kitkat up until a year ago. So if you want to run the new version of Kodi then you may need to replace your android box. In particular the M8S which was so popular for years and was the most popular android box around ran on android 4.4. It is also important note to make that if you are using android 4.4 or anything under android 5.0 that you can still run Kodi but the newest version you can run will be Kodi 16.1.

Some suppliers such as suggest only getting an android box running 6.0 now as android 7.0 is going to be released soon and will allow for better running of resource hogging apps like Kodi. It also recommended to get a VPN for your android box for streaming content and giving you privacy. This is something which many users do not think of but it is very important. The most popular android boxes at the moment are running 3GB of RAM which means they are well able to run large apps without much if any delay. I would also recommend a hard disk of at least 32GB if you plan on recording programs or adding a lot of apps.

Of course you can always add an SD card or use a USB stick for external storage also. As most apps nowadays are on demand there is little need for large hard drives to store programming as they are all available at the touch of a button. So beware of making sure your android box is at least android 5.0 before purchasing but android 6.0 is recommended at the moment.

I cut my bills with a dreambox

It has been some time since we last posted as several things as I have been busy since Christmas but have now settled back into my routine and that gives me a chance to post again. There are a few things I want to blog about and one of them is how one of the guys on my rugby team was telling me that he has cut down all bills and is only left paying electricity and internet now. I find companies are always just picking cash out of my bank account with direct debits so have been meaning to go through my account properly and find out what I am actually paying for!

dreambox V8SI did notice that I am paying for some old gym memberships that I am not using so that is something that I have obviously stopped. Another big bill I have is my UPC bill for TV. I rarely watch TV but it is nice to have it but coming in at over €70 per month this had to go. I then discovered this thing called a dreambox which apparently is a satellite receiver allowing you to get the free to air channels and has no monthly bills. So I went and got this and it works great. I only had to buy this dreambox receiver from and I connected it to an old satellite dish that we had from years ago and now I can get most of the main channels.

As I said I don’t really watch a whole lot of TV but it is nice to have it for when people are over or when I get bored. I also have an android box but mainly just use it for movies and TV on demand. Between these two devices I have cut out that €70/month bill. Next on my list is how to get cheaper internet. I am even just considering using my phone to hotspot!