How to watch the UK and Irish TV in Australia (with an android box)

android boxThe Australians have come upon with this fantastic idea of launching the android boxes in the country. They have already been quite famous before their launch in the country and have been found as the best in the industry. If you are looking forward to watching one of your UK and Irish TV news in the Australia, then you are at the right resort. As they can offer you or can take you to the leap that no one in the industry can do. Let see how is it possible:

  • The channels can be viewed by the user through various medium and one such is the internet; the videos can be played through YouTube just like you have an access to the same and do watch them on your mobiles. The interface of these android boxes is quite easy, just like using the mobiles in your hands. They have been a wonderful media to communicate to the users as well.

  • The channels can be also streamed through various subscriptions like through Netflix can be watched on the big screen. With the android boxes, they are streamed in no time and you can save a lot of time to be there with your friends watching your favorite or your own countries.

  • By reviewing these facilities makes it easier and the people who are visiting from the UK and Irish countries easy as they can have the access to their local language television in the country. The Australian government has been quite supportive in providing the country the updated applications of the same as they can use them at their own ease.

  • If you one of the citizens of the UK and have been missing your favorite shows, then you can easily put them on download and once you are back you can look forward to checking them out at your own ease. The Android boxes also give the facility in listening to the audio in different languages that will surely help you out in a long way.

  • These android boxes don’t want you to be any tech expert and can be able to avail their services which are not very cost effective and can be installed in the blink of an eye.

The customer support for the android boxes have been quite helpful and you can also get their help on the Skype call as well if you face any issues on installation or couldn’t able to help yourself out. They do have the customized solutions as well to help the clients, once you are with them you do not need to worry about anything. Just go live with the best online streaming Android TV box Australia and do watch your favorite shows in your local languages without any hassle. These facilities can be availed by contacting their customer care number and you will be assisted by their executives shortly and you can request for a free demo as well. GO AHEAD!!!

What are the flying laws for drones in Ireland?

drones in irelandIn Ireland, the usage of drones has been gaining more momentum than ever. Today there are around 4000 to 5000 drones registered under the Irish Aviation Agency and many of which are purchased from have been increasingly used for recreational purposes as well as for commercial purposes. Many retailers have already turned into drones for convenient and cost effective delivery. However, this can lead to various concerns regarding the safety and privacy of the public. A number of cases were also reported where a drone could have posed a potential threat to an aircraft. This led to the air safety regulators of Ireland to come up with a number of rules and regulations surrounding the usage of drones and aircraft. The Irish Aviation uses the term aircraft for “any machine/device which can support itself above the ground and in the atmosphere with the help of the reaction of air, except that with the ground” thus including drones. The flying laws allow the IAA to assess and monitor the drones and control air traffic.

  1. The Registration Order

The registration order was mainly introduced for easier assessment of drones. The registration process includes the filling up of an application from the IAA website and paying the registration fees. This law ensures that any drone registered under IAA be readily identifiable. The order came into effect on 1st January 2015 and permits the registered aircraft to use the nationality mark EJ.

  1. The Drones Order

This law was mainly an effort to maintain public safety and came into effect on 21 December 2015. The law requires any drone weighing between 1 kg to 150 kg to be registered as per the rules laid down by the IAA. There were other rules laid down to prevent air accidents and ensure public safety.

    • Drones should not be flown within 30 meters from another person. It should also not be flown over properties that are not directly owned by the operator.

    • Drones should not be flown over restricted areas without permission from the IAA.

    • Drones should not be flown if, it poses a threat to another aircraft.

    • Operators using drones weighing more than 4 kg should receive IAA approved training.

    • The order allows the IAA to launch investigations in cases where a drone could have caused potential threat.

    • Authorized officers can also detain drones during the period of investigation.

  1. The regulation of Drones Bill 2016

The regulation of drones bill was introduced mainly because the earlier orders were not considered sufficient enough to ensure public safety and to prevent the encroachment of privacy. The law prohibits drone users from taking images and videos of another’s homes and puts restrictions on the filming of outdoor events, festivals, schools, and prisons or other places of detention.

  1. Drone users and GDPR

GDPR or general data protection regulation as not yet come into effect but will be implemented from 2018 onwards. This law will be centered around the data collected by drones. However, the data collected by individuals over his or her property for recreational purposes will be exempted from this. If drones should be used on another person’s property, the operator will be required to get a permit to do so.

Guide to Buying a Refurbished iPhone

Many people in the world want to have an iPhone. In fact, it is a dream of device lovers to have an iPhone in their hand, but many of them didn’t get to buy it because of its high price. So, for them, it is a better choice to go for a second hand, old or refurbished iPhone. This will let them have an iPhone in their budget. As it is seen whenever a new version of an iPhone comes then, old version becomes relatively cheaper. So you can wait for the price drop, or you can go for a refurbished iPhone.

Buying a refurbished iPhone 5S can be a real good option as it allows getting a better product at a lower price. But at the same time, you must have the knowledge to check the refurbished product. It becomes even more important when you are looking to buy a refurbished iPhone.

So here are some tips that will assist you to buy a refurbished iPhone.

Guide to Buying a Refurbished iPhone:

Check factory settings: If you are looking to buy refurbished iPhone it is very important to ensure that the factory settings have been restored to ensure that the phone has no ownership issue anymore. Once the factory settings have been restored and the memory has been cleaned, you can use the iPhone. If you get to know that any information is still there on the iPhone and has not been removed completely, then it may not be safe to use the phone. This also indicates that the iPhone is not completely refurbished.

Repetitive charges: You need to check that only factory programs are loaded on the phone and not any other program. There are many applications and games which charge you monthly and if those are loaded they might still incur such charges. So you need to check regularly whether any charges are being applied by apps that you do not use. If there is any unrecognizable application, it may indicate that the iPhone that you bought was not completely refurbished. If you find any such unrecognizable application, then contact the seller immediately.

Check phone accessories: If you are looking to buy refurbished iPhone, then it is very important to ensure the accessories that are mandatory with the iPhone. You should always check the charger and the battery. They should be the original ones in fine working condition. If they are not original, then the phone will not possibly work properly. So do check the accessories and if you find any doubt then immediately contact your seller.

Check the warranty from the provider: It is very important to know about the warranty period and condition of the refurbished iPhone you are looking to buy. Some retailers extend the warranty for the refurbished iPhone and some don’t. You should buy from such buyer who provides warranty on refurbished iPhone. This will also ensure you about the quality of the product. If it is in good condition, then the provider will surely provide a good warranty period.